‘World’s h0ttest gran’ whips off [email protected] and poses totally t0pless in sɛxy snaps

The woman dubbed the “world’s h0tte$t gran” whipped her [email protected] off for a seriously ₷ɛx¥ photoshoot and said she was “born to stand out”. Gina Stewart, AKA the world’s h0tte$t gran, boasts more than 340,000 followers on Instagram and is known for her youthful looks. She recently set pulses racing as she shared some t0pless snaps for fans.

Gina, 52, often delights fans with her [email protected] pictures on social media. People can’t get over how youthful she looks, and they love when she shares tips on how to maintain a youthful glow. But her latest snaps may just be her raciest ever as she whipped off her [email protected] and posed topless. While her [email protected] were bare, she wore a thong and a little cover-up, which was pulled down to her @rms to expose her body.

'World's hottest gran' whips off br@ and poses totally t0pless in ₷ɛx¥ snaps

She shared the pictures alongside the caption: “You were born to stand out. [email protected] it.” Gina looked radiant and glowed in the pictures as she displayed a beaming smile. Opting for a smoky eye and light pink lipstick, she looked totally glamorous, but the look was quite subtle. She simply worked to accentuate her natural beauty, and fans were left more than impressed.

'World's hottest gran' whips off br@ and poses totally t0pless in ₷ɛx¥ snaps

Previously Gina admitted she didn’t like being dubbed the “world’s h0ttest gran” at first, but now she [email protected] it. Earlier this year, she told Daily Star: “Being named the ‘world’s h0ttest’ has certainly garnered me with lots of attention, and helped me create a platform to help inspire others as I now try to do through my health tips and tricks. “At first I did not want to be called the world’s hottest grandma, as I did not want to be placed in a box and stereotyped.

“I felt like someone like Kris Jenner should be the world’s hottest grandma. “I’m a pretty down-to-earth kind of girl being a Virgo, so I don’t consider myself even hot.” It’s fair to say her fans definitely think she’s hot, as over 2,000 people liked her t0pless snaps so far. Several people also commented to tell Gina how amazing they thought she looked. One person said: “More beautiful every single day.”

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