VIDEO: Alexandra Daddario Looks Stunning In Swimwear

Alexandra Daddario was caught snorkeling with her co-star Steve Zahn, 53, on the Hawaiian island of Maui during a break in filming on Thursday. While cooling off in the waves, the 34-year-old actress flaunted her beautifully lean form in a beige two-piece swimsuit.

Swimming break


Alexandra wore a little powder blue watch and a wide pair of tortoiseshell sunglᴀsses to block off the harsh light. Steve was dressed in a pair of baby blue swim trunks with black stripes along the sides. Both were spotted in the water with swim fins and snorkels. The White Lotus, their new show, began filming last month in Hawaii, with the majority of the action taking place at an expensive resort.

Relaxed fashion


Though few details about the six-episode miniseries have been disclosed, it is touted as a social satire that follows the employees and guests of a Hawaiian resort over a week. Mike White, who directed the critically acclaimed series Enlightenment starring Laura Dern, produced, wrote and directed the series.


Despite critical acclaim, the sitcom was discontinued after only two seasons due to low viewership. The White Lotus appears to have used White’s reputation and HBO’s prestige to ᴀssemble a stacked ensemble cast that includes Nashville’s Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge from Legally Blonde, Jake Lacy from The Office and Girls, Sydney Sweeney and Lukas Gage from Euphoria, and former SNL star Molly Shannon, among others. The series has been sH๏τ following COVID-19 safety rules, which require the actors to quarantine for two weeks before production and to wear masks and protective gear between takes.

The new show


Alexandra’s busy 2020 will be capped off by the series, which will most certainly premiere next year. Even though the pandemic has made it difficult for her to film new films, she released the previously sH๏τ psychological thriller Lost Girls & Love Hotels on VOD in September. Her comedy 1 Night In San Diego has already been released on digital platforms, and she will appear in the upcoming pandemic science fiction thriller Songbird, which is set in a near-future world where a significantly ᴅᴇᴀᴅlier COVID-23 has destroyed the earth. Alexandra has recently wrapped production on the romantic crime drama Die In A Gunfight.

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