VIDEO: Addison Rae Shake Her Toned BɷɷŢ¥ In A Sheer Skirt And Thong On IG

Addison Rae first found fame after doing a bunch of different dances on TikTok. And she isn’t about to let anyone forget where her true roots lie. ICYMI: Addison is definitely still a dancer at heart and a good one at that!

The star just dropped a few photos and a short video on Instagram of herself doing a little shimmy dance in a corner. First, you see Addison showing off her toned BɷɷŢ¥ in peek-a-boo thong underwear under a semi-sheer miniskirt, Addison flashing her strong abs as she dances, and finally, a shot from behind while she flashes her toned legs.

VIDEO Addison Rae Shake Her Toned BɷɷŢ¥ In A Sheer Skirt And Thong On IG

“Just a girl who loves to dance 🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩,” she wrote in the caption. Naturally, people flipped out. “You know how amazing you look. You just gotta show it offff🤣🖤🖤,” one person wrote, while another chimed in with, “Queen Rae.”

VIDEO Addison Rae Shake Her Toned BɷɷŢ¥ In A Sheer Skirt And Thong On IG

So, what does she do to work on her toned BɷɷŢ¥? A bunch of things, apparently. Addison was spotted last year hitting up a hot yoga class, a workout that’s known for giving you an all-over tone while staying soft on your joints.

Naturally, she knows her way around a dance studio. The 22-year-old casually dropped a TikTok in October of herself completely owning the dance floor in a class. You can see Addison working her way through different dance planes, popping her BɷɷŢ¥, shaking her hips, and doing plank variations as she danced to the music.


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Addison also shared her six-minute BɷɷŢ¥ workout with Kourtney Kardashian and Poosh back in 2020. “It literally burns so bad, but it’s so good,” Addison said. The workout itself is packed with a slew of BɷɷŢ¥-boosting moves, including 30 seconds of fire hydrants on each side, donkey kicks, and fire hydrant extensions. Addison recommends cycling through the moves twice.

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