Tattoo model str!ps totally [email protected] to flaunt ink that covers her from head to toe

An influencer with hundreds of tattoos caused quite an internet meltdown with her saucy snaps. Mara Inkperial, who boasts 796,000 Instagram followers, is known for her seriously [email protected] content on social media. The b0mbshell works at a tattoo studio in Germany so it’s fair to say she knows her way around the scene.

She often poses in [email protected] snaps as she allows fans to get a good look at her inkings. In a recent post, Mara cheekily wrote: “Don’t watch my story *embarrassed emoji*.” The photos show the beauty sitting with her legs covering her [email protected] body as her inked skin is on full display. The influencer specializes in black and grey realism with portraits and geometric designs being her theme.


Her artwork catapulted her to fame on social media as she’s garnered thousands of followers. Fans were left gushing as she shared the post on Wednesday. One social media user wrote: “My beautiful,” while another follower added: “Love you so much.” A third posted: “Absolutely incredibly gorgeous,” and a fourth commented: “Piece of art *heart emoji*.”


Meanwhile, a fifth Instagram admirer simply put: “Mara you are amazing!” According to reports, Mara built her first tattoo machine at the age of 13 and at 17 she worked at a real studio. Now all that’s in the past as she’s known as a tattoo artist and model. She steadily improved her techniques by learning from others and relying on her natural artistic abilities.

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