Playboy model Francia James strips [email protected] for body paint cosplay, gets kicked out of mall

Playboy model, Francia James, covered her body in the paint to look like a nutcracker doll, in an attention-grabbing stunt. James, who stripped inside a shopping mall, was kicked out after the authorities noticed her antics.

To everyone’s surprise, she was only dressed in body paint and knickers. James, who originally hails from Manizales, Colombia, tried recreating the look of the famous Christmas ore a top hat acharacter. To finish her look, she wnd held a golden stick. Francia then moved around the center and offered treats to passers-by who were shocked to see her parade around nearly nudɛ.

However, after some time, a security guard was informed about what was going on inside, and they asked the Playboy model to leave. According to some news reports, the stunt was based on the ‘No Nut November’ challenge. The Internet dare, meant for men, challenged them to give up on any s*xual activity for the month of November.

Francia James

While offering nuts to people, she said, “You wanna take a nut? No Nut November. You want a nut? You can take a nut.” Later, when a security guard walked into the mall, Francia tells him that they will leave soon. However, the guard did not offer them any more time and asked that the camera be turned off right away so that they can move out.

In the clip, she can be heard saying, “I cut, I alwannot believe I got kicked oays get kicked out.” While sharing the clip on her Instagram account, she asked her followers, “How many times did you fail this November 0-100?”

Francia enjoys an Instagram following of over nine million people who love watching her videos that film her antics in public places. Her video got more than 127,700 likes and people flooded her comment section with positive comments. One of her fans said, “This is actually a great concept.. Do not know who thought of this one. But I dig it! Super funny!” Another user wrote, “You look good as the nutcracker Mamacita.” People have also appreciated her costume.

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