No Wonder She’s a ‘Baywatch’ Babe! Alexandra Daddario Looks Amazing in ʙικιɴι and Swimsuits: PH๏τos

What a H๏τtie! Alexandra Daddario looks phenomenal in swimwear with her sensational figure. That much has been obvious to film and TV viewers, thanks to her role as Summer Quinn in the 2016 Baywatch movie and in the 2021 Hawaiian-set HBO anthology series White Lotus.

Alexandra’s ʙικιɴι body is so breathtaking that there’s a scene in White Lotus devoted to how astounding it is. Her newlywed character, Rachel Patton, finishes a conversation with actress Sydney Sweeney‘s fellow vacationer Olivia, and Alexandra takes off her beach coverup to hit the pool. Olivia and her best friend’s mouths both drop at the sight of how Rachel looks in a ʙικιɴι after initially judging her over a shallow chat.


Alexandra Daddario Looks Amazing in beekini

The White Lotus star went for a jump into her backyard pool wearing a lime green ʙικιɴι one day ahead of the 2022 Emmy Awards on September 12. Her show went on to win the award for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series.


Alexandra’s ʙικιɴι body

The actress flaunted her stunning figure in a strapless blue ʙικιɴι with a hint of underboob in an April 2022, vacation pH๏τo.


Alexandra’s ʙικιɴι body

The stunner wore a Baywatch red swimsuit in a December 2021 selfie with future husband Andrew Form, calling him, “The absolutely most wonderful man.”


Alexandra’s ʙικιɴι body

Alex posed in a Sєxy backless one-piece next to her backyard lap pool in a snapsH๏τ taken by her then-fiancé Andrew.


Alexandra’s ʙικιɴι body

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