‘My [email protected] body is soft and saggy but it deserves to be seen on social media too’

A cʋrvy personal trainer has hit out at Instagram for removing her ‘soft and saggy’ [email protected] picture from its site. Fitness star Sophie Lait claimed Instagram is ‘removing curvy/thick/plus-size bodies from view’ as she re-posted the photo with stars over her intimate areas. The photo saw Sophie proudly show off her size 18 figure as she pouted for the camera She kept her intimates covered though, thanks to clever hair and leg placement.

The body-positive beauty teamed her flesh-flashing display with glowing makeup, while her long golden locks were styled into tumbling curls. “It’s seriously perpetuating the message that our bodies don’t deserve to be seen. Just when I think we’re starting to make some sort of progress in society, images like this are deemed “inappropriate”. “I didn’t want to sit silent and not repost this image, because the messaging behind it is so important.”

As well as the message, Sophie also shared what she originally captioned the snap. She wrote: “My b00bs are saggy, yes… but this is no reason for me not to love myself. My insecurities will not keep me from the self-love I know I deserve. “@alex_cameron shared this picture of me tonight and it made me feel so proud of myself.

“It was a picture I wasn’t going to share on my page, but it’s made me realise how beautiful and soft my body is and I hope this has helped vou accept vour body a little more, in this moment. Soft bodies aren’t worthy of less love. Please.” Concluding her post, Sophie asked fans: “Please please please please PLEASE help me blow this image up to show insta that cʋrvy bodies deserve to be seen!!!” Fans were quick to support Sophie on the post as it racked up more than 16,000 likes.

Many also took to the comments section to show they were behind her. “I LOVE TO SEE IT,” exclaimed one, as another added: “I see and I love you.” A third added: “It’s so wrong that this keeps happening to so many creators! This is beautiful! You are beautiful.” While a fourth wrote: “So sorry this happened Soph. This has to stop.”

Daily Star has contacted Instagram for comment. Instagram states on its community guidelines that it doesn’t allow nʋdity. The statement reads: “We know that there are times when people might want to share nʋde images that are artistic or creative in nature, but for a variety of reasons, we don’t allow nʋdity on Instagram.

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