‘I was sacked over Page 3 pics – but now I’m so rich I wave at ex-boss from car’

A former dental nurse was sacked when her boss exposed her for being on Page 3. Lucia Maria was an A* student with ambitions of becoming a dentist when she was given an ultimatum. Her manager had her ₷ɛx¥ shoot out on his desk when he demanded she gives up her side hustle. That was three years ago and she now drives by the practice and waves with a smile on her face because she earns fortunes as a Babestation Babe.

Speaking to Daily Star, Lucia said: “It is literally the best decision I have ever made. I wouldn’t be at this stage of life now otherwise. “My life would look very different. I am now doing better than him and I drive past there all the time and I wave and am like ‘ha ha’. “They are all still the same people working there. The money and freedom I have now is amazing and everything turned out good for me.” Despite now feeling gleeful, at the time it was a hugely difficult decision.

'I was sacked over Page 3 pics – but now I'm so rich I wave at ex-boss from car'

Lucia, from Kent, was highly academic in school and wanted to have a traditional career while also dreaming of being a model. Her family was also “apprehensive” about her ditching her dental profession. She remembered: “It was hard leaving all my academic work behind. It was a job I really did want to do and I loved helping people. “I worked within the NHS and that is very rewarding. I definitely think it was unfair because I would have made a brilliant dental nurse and I wanted to be a dentist but I never got to do that.

'I was sacked over Page 3 pics – but now I'm so rich I wave at ex-boss from car'

“It is a shame I couldn’t do both but ultimately I made the right call.”And looking back on the ultimatum, she said: “It came out one day and the head dentist had my cover on the desk. “He said it was unprofessional and said I can either carry on working there or I can leave to do this. “She said if I didn’t stop I would have to leave. I told him I was going to go and Babestation picked me up and since then I have been really happy doing what I do and I have made a really good career for myself. “I earn more money than the dentist now. But I was shocked it had been found and I was even more shocked that I was faced with that big decision.

“I was glad I chose what I did because it was right before lockdown. “Babestation just found me and it was a bit like fate.” She has now been teasing randy callers for three years and has no regrets. Lucia concluded: “I love performing and always love to talk to people. This job and my old one actually have a lot of similarities because you talk to people and have to be really friendly and it has translated well because I have always been a people person. “I now have regular callers and some guys have not missed a call from me in three years, they ring every shift I am in. They are really big fans.”

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