Fashion Nova model rocks [email protected] [email protected] in public as fans say it’s ‘inappropriate’

When it comes to $ɛx¥ styles, Fashion Nova is pretty popular for it. The online retailer loves gracing shoppers with stunning looks on Instagram where it boasts 21.4 million followers. Now in a recent post, a model cheekily posed in an open top and bra as Fashion Nova joked about “strong winds”.

In the caption, it said: “Oops! These are strong winds. “Shatter The Ceiling Wide Leg Trouser Pant.” She wore a pair of red Nike trainers with grey trousers and a white shirt teamed with a black handbag. And in some of the photos, the daring b0mbshell decided to open the top to expose her [email protected] [email protected]

The sophisticated trousers are £18 as they feature a wide leg and button closure design. They’re great to wear as part of an outfit to the office. Although the bottoms are sold out on the website, people were focusing on something else in the post. One person commented: “She’s gorgeous and the top is cute but it’s not for the great outdoors unless it’s a private rooftop or private beach…”

Another added: “Now are women really going out with outfits like this?” A third posted: “Looks ridiculous,” while a fourth chimed in: “Beautiful model but that [email protected] top is trash.” And a fourth slammed: “Thats not for the public.”

Meanwhile, not all shoppers were slating the look, as one said: “The day all men had a heart attack *fire emoji*.” A second added: “She is super pretty,” and a third gushed: “Amazing trousers.” This isn’t the first time Fashion Nova caused a meltdown on social media.

Previously, a model wore a sheer bodysuit with a thong bottom as fans praised her “best body on the planet”. The blonde beauty slipped into the sheer bodysuit which exposed a lot of skin.

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