ASOS shoppers fear ‘you’d need scissors’ to get out of sɛxy lingɛriɛ

Many of us will be dressing up in raunchy lingɛriɛ for our loved ones this Valentine’s Day. But for some, ₷ɛx¥ [email protected] isn’t very practical when you get down to business. This is what shoppers feared about a saucy set being sold on ASOS. The strappy mesh bralette, thong and harness 3 piece set was designed by Ann Summers. It features a sheer bra with strappy detailing, a [email protected] bodice that criss-crosses over curves and cut-out knickers.

ASOS shoppers fear 'you'd need scissors' to get out of ₷ɛx¥ lingɛriɛ

But as there’s so many components to the lingɛriɛ, some customers worried they’d be stuck in the garment “forever” unless they had scissors to hand. Asbos_sos, an ASOS parody account with 37,500 followers on Instagram, couldn’t resist poking fun at the [email protected] They posted a picture of the lingɛriɛ along with the caption: “When you try and put on a vest top with more than two straps”. The cheeky page also used hashtags including #IGuessThisIsWhatI’mWearingNow, #SendHelp, #OrFindScissors and #WearingThisForever.

ASOS shoppers fear 'you'd need scissors' to get out of ₷ɛx¥ lingɛriɛ

More than 150 people liked the amusing post. But despite some laughing at the ʋndiɛs, it’s clear many loved the set. The set was being flogged for an affordable £16.80 in the sale – and swiftly went out of stock as customers couldn’t get enough of it. One commenter admitted: “Is it bad that I like this?!” Want to read more about Valentine’s Day attire? We’ve got you covered.

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