Abbey Clancy $trìps [email protected]ɛd in seriously $ɛx¥ Love calendar shoot

The Scouse model teases viewers as she rolls around on a white fur rug in a [email protected], briefs, suspenders, and stÖcking$. Following in the footsteps of Alessandra Ambrosio and Emily Ratajkowski, the TV presenter didn’t hesitate in heating things up.

She can be seen kicking her legs in the air and whipping her hair around before beginning to slowly remove each item of [email protected]

The 29-year-old begins by throwing her black stilettos at the camera before it zooms in on her perfectly manicured hand as she slowly rolls down her stockings. Turning her back to the camera, the mother-of-two unclasps her [email protected] and pulls it through her fingers.

The model then lies on her front, allowing the viewer to take in every inch of her near [email protected]ɛd body before she removes her briefs to reveal her derrière.

Completely [email protected]ɛd, Abbey covers her ample assets with her arm as she writhes around on the rug once more, smiling and kicking her feet up.

Appropriately, the model $trìps off to Kelly Rowland’s Work as she performs the very graphic $trìpstease directed by Sam Faulkner. Abbey is set to make an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing’s Christmas Day special, after winning the show in 2013.

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